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Grace Klapatiuk

I started skiing with Lightning Creek Ski Club in 2008 when I was 8 years old.  Prior to this I skied for two years with Troll Ski School.


To be honest, I didn’t initially love skiing, I mostly wanted to play in the massive snow banks in the parking lot at the ski hill, drink hot chocolate and enjoy the famous Troll cinnamon buns.


My love of skiing started to take hold when I started to compete in races.  As I have quite a competitive spirit, this really sparked my interest.  From there I saw improvement in my skiing and was doing well.  It also became really enjoyable when I was making a lot of friends in skiing – from Lightning Creek and from other clubs too. 


My experience with our first paid coach in Lightning Creek was at the U16 level.  This coach – Herve Gagnon – suggested that I continue skiing after U16 and pursue my skiing as a FIS athlete.  At first, I was very apprehensive because this meant that I would have to move away from Quesnel and be away from my parents, family and friends.  But, my love of the sport and the thought of NOT skiing was not an option.  Once I had my first ski trip with my new FIS team (Okanagan Ski Team), I knew that I had made the right decision and I haven’t looked back.  I am now looking forward to my third year of FIS with the Okanagan Ski Team and all of the adventures that await.  Pursuing ski racing has been the best decision of my life and my love of the sport is definitely next level. 


Likes:  cancelled race days because of massive pow that wants to be shred; going way too fast;  when my coach says “No dryland”.


Dislikes:  when my coach says, “Meet outside for a cool down run”; casing on big jumps; the fact that I can’t feel my toes anymore no matter the day.

Ryan Eldon

I am a passionate and driven biathlete I have many goals and aspirations including representing Canada at the Olympics one day. 


About me

Growing up I raced with the Lightning Creek ski club, splitting my time between biathlon and Alpine skiing. After switching to full time biathlon in 2014, I try to hit the slopes as much as my schedule allows. I moved to Prince George in 2016 to finish High School and get a taste of high-performance training at the PacificSport school for athletes. I then moved to Whistler to train full time with the Whistler Nordic Development Training Centre. I have an intensive training schedule of 15-25 hours per week. When I’m not training or racing, I work part time at the Whistler Athletes Centre to help cover my living expenses.


I represented British Columbia at the 2019 Canadian Winter Games with great success, adding a gold medal to the BC medal count. I also represent Canada as part of the Junior National Team competing overseas often. Representing Canada is a great privilege and a big opportunity for me, giving me the experience and competition, I need to become one of the best in the world.

I am so grateful to all my supporters and donors, I would not be able to have reached the level I am at without them.




 Ryan Elden


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